One Touch Entertainment uses digital turntable technology, which allows seamless mixing to keep the music flowing throughout your event. The Pioneer DDJ-SX connects to a laptop to combine the fluid mixing of turntables with a large library of digital music.

Equipment for Atlanta DJ Craig Galloway

Mackie Thump speakers are known for creating a full-range sound for many different genres of music. These 15″ speakers alone are capable of filling the room with sound; the addition of a powered subwoofer enhances the bass to create a clean, full-sound experience. The Mackie DLM 12S subwoofer provides 2000 Watts of clean, thumping bass to keep bodies moving to the beat.

A light system with multiple LED and laser lights can be used to create colorful patterns and effects that enhance the energy of the dance floor. When it’s time to dim the lights and get people out on the dance floor, these lights will transform the reception hall into a high-energy party.